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Andrew Strong is the new CIA handler for Michael Westen. He is played by Jack Coleman.


Andrew Strong is a high ranking CIA agent whom Michael Westen made a deal with to get Maddie and the rest of his team set free.

Strong made the deal because he believes Michael is the only person he can entrust with a dangerous mission. The mission involves thwarting an American named Randall Burke who is believed to be running a freelance terrorist network. He is someone Strong has been tracking for eight years. Strong also arranges for Simon Escher's release from prison, using him as a CIA asset for several years.

It was later revealed that Burke was more of an operative and that the real leader of the terrorist network is a mysterious and dangerous man named James Kendrick. Up until Strong, Sam Axe and Jesse Porter overhear this revelation on the radio, Strong originally believed that Burke was the leader since that's what the CIA's intel told them.