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Trainzfan13 Trainzfan13 2 June

Does Fiona remove her shoe every season?

Does THIS happen every series?

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Horns Teh Klown Horns Teh Klown 27 October 2018

new admin?

How's it going, whoever reads this? Haha not too many people get on to this wiki anymore, but there is still activity here. I was wondering if any of you would mind if I hit up the Fandom staff to become the admin here? If any of you feel it's best without an admin, or if you want the rights also or whatever the case is, let me know here. 


-Horns Teh Klown

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Matt Hadick Matt Hadick 18 December 2013

Exclusive Season 7 Clip

Attention all Burn Notice fans! Wikia got it's hands on an exclusive clip from the recently released Season 7 DVD, which you can check out below.

Here's what fans can expect from the Season 7 DVD, which is available now:

It all comes down to this - the thrilling final season of one of television's hottest shows, where everything is finally revealed. Separated from his friends and family, and on the verge of losing it all, Michael Westen goes deep undercover, joining forces with a mysterious woman and infiltrating a sinister terrorist network. With time running out, Michael must do whatever it takes to stay alive and protect his loved ones; but now, he may be forced to go too far. Packed with explosive action and exciting plot twists, Burn No…

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Gcheung28 Gcheung28 7 June 2013

Post "New Deal" Reactions

Season Seven of Burn Notice finally premiered last night and, boy, did the final season start off with a bang!

First, we see Michael lost and alone in a strange city looking very much worse for wear because he has been undercover as a drunken brawler for nine months, ever since the day Fiona found out that he'd made some sort of deal to get them free. The rest of the gang have moved on while Michael's been undercover (Fiona has a new man!), but they are quick to come to his aid when they find out he's in trouble! Side note: Maddie gave up smoking and is trying to adopt Charlie...but then blew her son's cover so I guess it's even.

Our new bad guy is Randall Burke, someone from Michael's past who is hunting him down and willing to go through eve…

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Spongedon Spongedon 6 June 2013

Loft burn down in 702.

I think in 702 when Mike goes back to Miami he loft will be burnt down. You can see it in the mad world trailer on youtube. I also just went to Miami and where his loft was, it was a construction site now. What do you think?

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XD1 XD1 31 May 2013

Season 7 predictions

With Season 7 only a week away, you've got to be wondering what is coming...

Here are a few predictions based on what's transpired up to now:

  • No closure.

We already know this will be the final season, but something tells me we're in for some loose ends. As much as I know we all want some closure, the recent trend seems to be leaving the story open to interpretation. This is a cowardly way out, and I hope I'm wrong here - even if i don't like the "ending," I'd respect the writers of a show nailing one down & sticking to it.

  • No happy ending for the lovebirds.

It's too cliché. At this point, I'd be disappointed if everything ends in a cookie-cutter peaches & cream sit-comish bore. I want to be surprised, if not delighted, and I hate to say it but …

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Bio-capsule Bio-capsule 20 February 2011

Spy Wisdom

Hi... not sure if this is the proper place to post this. I have all the spy wisdom quote from Season 1 to 4... 33 pages of word document which I can post. But I am new to Wiki & don't know quite how to create new pages or set page formet...

The Spy Wisdom page will not be enough for it... any suggestion?

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