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Bonnie was an apprentice con artist who operated in Miami and worked in Quentin King's identity fraud ring. She was also Greg's girlfriend.


Bonnie is care-free for the most part. She relies heavily on her boyfriend and partner, Greg, to make the decisions for the both of them. Nevertheless, they are both working for and learning from Quentin, who is their mentor.


Bonnie trained as an apprentice con artist with Quentin for some time, taking part in prize official scams in Miami. She witnessed Quentin assault Laura for trying to call the police. Some time later, Quentin's car was bombed, causing Quentin to disappear from sight and Bonnie to become suspicious of Quentin's intentions.

Under pressure from Detectives Cagney and Lacey to give up her boss or face a long-term prison sentence, Bonnie gave up Quentin and confessed that he was responsible for assaulting Laura and transferring all the money from their scams into his own personal bank account. After being ordered not to leave Miami, Greg convinces Bonnie to flee Miami with him.

Current Status[]

Bonnie fled Miami with Greg and has not been seen since.


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