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Bruce Gellman is a lawyer who represents the Colombian Drug Cartel and its members in Miami, Florida.


Gellman has connections within the FBI. He has a young daughter living with him.


Gellman's last-known client was Alvaro DeSantos. He was approached by Michael Westen to relay the word with his boss in Colombia to get Desantos to back off his targets, Cara Stagner and her daughter, Sophie. After this, Gellman's boss ordered contracts on Michael, Cara, and Sophie.

After protecting Sophie from being kidnapped, Michael went back to Gellman's residence and let slip the "fact" that Desantos sold out to the FBI for witness protection.

Gellman obtained the audio tape Michael, Sam Axe, and Fiona Glenanne doctored and sent to the FBI via Agents Harris and Lane to find proof that Desantos turned traitor. The cartel boss decided it was time to execute Desantos.

Current Status[]

Bruce Gellman was last seen still operating in Miami.


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