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Cara Stagner is a cocktail waitress who worked at Oleg's night club.


At the age of 19, Cara went to chef school, but was failing out. During that time, she gave birth to her daughter, Sophie, and eventually dropped out of school to take care of her.


Cara witnessed a brutal beating against a young pizza delivery boy who accidently rear-ended a car belonging to Alvaro DeSantos. She took down the license plate number and reported it to the police. In reprisal, DeSantos sent men to threaten her by nailing a rat to her apartment door. Police sent extra patrols to make sure no one would try to kill her, but she never left the house since. Eventually, her employer, Oleg, asked for Michael to help take care of her.

Michael worked to get Alvaro DeSantos to back off Cara, but DeSantos refused, believing she will cooperate with the police to take him down. To persuade his bosses to back off Cara, he tried to reason with the Colombian drug cartels' lawyer, Bruce Gellman, but ended up with a bounty on his head along with Cara and Sophie's. Eventually, Michael, Fiona, and Sam forged a conversation between DeSantos and the FBI and had the tape sent through FBI channels to Gellman via his contacts. This resulted in DeSantos being dealt with by his own cartel, guaranteeing Cara's safety finally.

After the DeSantos case, Cara thanked Michael for saving her and her daughter's lives. Madeline, Michael's mother, gave her the yoga workout tape she purchased.

Current Status[]

Cara is still alive in Miami.


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