Eddie Valentine is a hip-hop mogul and also the leader of Sweet Valentine Enterprises.


Early HistoryEdit

Prior to his rap career, Valentine was a Miami gangster. He made his reputation on the streets before he turned to rapping. Through Eddie Ash, he was able to turn his rap music into a $500 million+ industry. Valentine has since founded Valentine Enterprises and begun recruiting new artists onto his label.

Recent ActivitiesEdit

Valentine called Ricky Watkins into his office to tell him that $2 million turned up missing from their charity account. He ordered Ricky to find the money leak or risk being killed.

Several days later, Valentine called a conference with his staff and lectured on the importance of respect in the music industry. During the meeting, he singled out an employee who was secretly poaching Valentine's artists for Static Records. He asked Ricky and Eddie for advice on how to deal with disloyal employees.

Eddie counseled him to "do what you gotta do" while Ricky counseled him there was a room full of witnesses around. Valentine took a little of both of their advice, fired Marcus on the spot, and slammed a platinum record on his head before booting him from the conference room much to the shock of everyone present.

After the meeting, Valentine warned Ricky he only had two days left to find the leak.

The day that Eddie planned to kill Ricky, Sam Axe and Fiona Glenanne kidnapped Valentine outside of his office building and took him to Ricky's house. They all witnessed Eddie confessing to the embezzlement scam and attempting to murder Ricky.

Having finally gotten the proof as well as the thief he'd been searching for, Valentine came in and ordered Sam, Fiona, and Ricky to leave the room and decided to have a talk with Eddie despite Eddie panicking.

Ricky later revealed that Valentine and Eddie had both gone out on Valentine's yacht but that Eddie hadn't returned, suggesting that Valentine presumably murdered Eddie and dumped Eddie's remains at sea.