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Felix Cole is a car thief previously based in Miami and a former member of the 24K Crew. He was previously employed by Tony Soto until his incident with Corey Jensen. Due to circumstances (details below), he was forced to vacate Miami.


Felix was a car thief for the 24K Crew in Miami. His base of operations was J's Lounge. His car theft operations earned Tony a lot of moneyduring his time with the crew.

Felix spotted Tanya Jensen on the street and took her for a ride in his car. He tried to have his way with her, but she slipped away and was found crying by her older brother, Corey. In revenge, Corey went to Felix with a baseball bat and battered him. In retaliation, Felix sent his crew to shoot and kill Corey and Tanya.

After his failed gang hit, Michael Westen, Sam Axe, and Fiona Glenanne formed a gang to cut Felix off of the 24K Crew's support and to also protect Corey and Tanya.

Through a series of skirmishes including destroying his car, burning his club, and incapacitating his car thieves, Felix's support from Tony began to wane as he perceives this as weakness. To win back Tony's support, Felix eventually put out a contract on Corey's life and spread the word through his old neighborhood. Felix physically threatened Coach Martin, who went to Michael's loft and informed them about it. Seeing this as Felix being over the edge, Michael set the plan in motion to have Felix evicted from Miami. Felix set up a meeting to try and ambush Corey, but his ambush was foiled due to Michael driving Tony to the site using Corey's car. After Felix failed to stop the car with machine guns and mistakenly tried to kill Tony, Tony put a contract out on Felix, forcing Felix to depart on his own.

Current Status[]

Felix is nowhere to be found in Miami at this time.


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