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Graham Pyne was a real estate developer based in Miami.


Pyne was a well-respected real estate developer whose net worth was $100 million. He also dabbled in art, and kept several valuable pieces to decorate his home.


Pyne's real estate began to drop in value due to the Miami real estate market cooling off, forcing him to develop a plot to rob himself of his valuable art pieces. He had Vincent carry out the fake robbery while setting Javier up for the fall. His plot was eventually thwarted by Michael Westen, but allowed him to claim the insurance money by having Vincent take the fall for the robbery. In return, Pyne agreed to pay Javier for five years worth of severance, along with medical and dental. In addition, Pyne agreed to start a college fund for Javier's son, David. Furthermore, Michael warned him that he will hold onto the evidence that would implicate him for the robbery for a very long time, watching him if he tries anything like this again.

Current Status[]

Pyne was last seen continuing to develop real estate in Miami.