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Greg was an apprentice con artist who operated in Miami and worked in Quentin King's identity fraud ring. He was also Bonnie's boyfriend.


Greg shows strength when confronted to make up for the weakness that is apparent in his role as an underling in a con artist ring. His display of strength is made more apparent towards Bonnie, who he tries to protect as well as work with. Greg's overeagerness in pushing their game to the next level can also be viewed as weakness, opening opportunities for novice spies to exploit for their purposes. Still, he plays the part of a suspicious, yet loyal apprentice to his mentor. Quentin keeps a close eye on him to ensure that he does not lose sight of the ring's main objectives in their criminalistic endeavors.


Greg trained as an apprentice con artist with Quentin for some time, taking part in prize official scams in Miami. He witnessed Quentin assault Laura for trying to call the police. Some time later, Quentin's car was bombed, causing Quentin to disappear from sight and Greg to become suspicious of Quentin's intentions. After having been questioned by Detectives Cagney and Lacey and threatened with a long-term sentence for his boss's crimes, Greg convinced Bonnie to flee Miami until the situation blew over.

Current Status[]

Greg fled Miami with Bonnie and has not been seen since.


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