Isabella was a fashionista who owned the Corvina Fashion House in Miami, Florida.


Early HistoryEdit

Isabella owned the Corvina Fashion House for an unspecified amount of time prior to her meeting with Michael Westen and Sam Axe. She involved herself with many local charities, including many pet rescue shelters. Colonel Peabody was the closest to family she had.

Last known activitiesEdit

Isabella approached Sam with an job to investigate a money leak in her fashion house. She immediate saw beyond a professional interest in Sam. Sam graciously accepted the job for $30,000, slyly flirting it may take more than one day to investigate.

At a fashion party, Michael and Isabella shadowed Tim Hastings, while Sam broke into his office to retrieve her ledger. After a while, Isabella told Michael she needed to look at Damon's designs at home. Michael excused her while continuing to shadow Tim.

After Tim arrived at the house, Michael let him know they were onto him. However, they noticed something amiss at Isabella's home (with Colonel Peabody barking loudly and the front gate left wide open). Isabella's body was found face down with two bullets in the back.