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James Kendrick was the leader of the organization that Michael Westen agrees to take down for the CIA, during Season Seven, in exchange for amnesty from his numerous illicit activities in Season Six. He is portrayed by John Pyper-Ferguson .


Little is known about James other than the organization he created and his past career as a First Special Forces Operational Detachment - Delta (Delta Force) operator. He was on a mission in Africa during the late 1990s to dispatch a warlord. It turns out the intelligence was bad and the warlord was nothing more than, "...a few guys with guns and a village full of women and children." Whoever was in charge of the mission didn't want a mark on their record (according to his former Delta Force teammate Peter Millard) and ordered the team to destroy the warlord and village.

James was unable to follow through with the order, while the team made camp and slept he killed them all, except Peter, "Slit[ting] their throats while they slept." The entire unit was assumed KIA (killed in action) and James used the opportunity to go rogue to create his network. At some point in the near future after the Africa incident Peter tried to take James down, but failed. James, most likely, could not bring himself to kill his oldest friend, and instead somehow had Peter admitted to a mental institution for the criminally insane.

James is shown to be an exceedingly cautious man with far-reaching power. His caution is the reason why the CIA incorrectly believed Burke to be the leader of the organization with which Michael was tasked to take down. His power can be seen by the way he is able to call in a helicopter attack on a druglord with extremely short notice.


Episode Appearances[]


Actor John Pyper-Ferguson played the recurring villain Pete Hutter opposite Bruce Campbell in The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.