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Jason Bly was a C.S.S. agent. He is portrayed by Alex Carter.


In Season One, Jason Bly was sent down to Miami, Florida, in response to a sensitive information leak provided by Sam Axe to FBI agents Harris and Lane. He assured Michael that as long as he continued to poke about his burn notice, Jason was going to make Michael's life even more difficult. Later on, Michael worked with Barry to blackmail him to back off and hand over Michael's dossier concerning his crimes that led to him being burned.

Jason Bly's "Scorched Earth" campaign[]

  • Invaded Michael's loft, trashed it, and left messages letting him know he's was being watched.
  • Invaded Madeline's house and purposely defaced furniture for Michael's "hidden secrets".
  • Towed away Michael's Charger at his loft.
  • Leaked information to Veronica about Sam's previous relationships.
  • Endangered Fiona's gun deals by anonymously reporting tips to the Miami-Dade Police Department.
  • Declared Michael's loft a biohazard, rendering it uninhabitable.

In Season Two, Agent Jason Bly returned to Miami to recover blackmail materials Michael held over him in the past. He began by arresting Barry and using him as a wired informer. Michael unknowingly left enough information to Barry to blackmail Michael back for the blackmail materials at the risk of endangering Michael's life again. During a bank heist, Michael and Bly form an uneasy truce to save the hostages from their captors. Afterwards, they end their personal war, agreeing to stop blackmailing each other, with Bly offering to help Michael with providing information Barry was originally going to provide for him.

In the premiere of Season Six, Jason Bly appears as a called-in interrogator for the police when Fiona turned herself in to protect Michael. He fails several times at her questioning, but when he lies with pictures of a truck Michael blew up, she begins to give in. She reviews the pictures, and notices that the truck wasn't damaged enough to fit Jason Bly's description of Michael's death. He is forced to end the interrogation when she calls his bluff.

In the two hour Season Six finale (You Can Run & Game Change), Jason Bly appears again and offers Michael a deal while Michael, his friends and his mother are fugitives and on the run from the CIA - Bly brings Michael in and makes him an official witness of the CSS in order to get CIA agent Olivia Riley off of everyone's back. Michael was reluctant and Bly told him to keep an open mind because this was the last, best and only deal he was going to get.

After Michael and Fiona rescue Jesse from Riley and the CIA, Bly calls Michael and warns him that he's digging a deeper hole for himself before adding that Michael needs him more than ever.

When Riley goes rogue and sends a drug cartel to kill Michael, his friends and his mom, Michael calls Bly for a meeting. Bly is initially reluctant to listen to what Michael had to say but Michael tells him that Riley's gone rogue. Later, Bly and Michael do surveillance on Riley and manage to get proof of her corruption before Bly says that Michael's future just got a little brighter. A security guard sees Michael and Bly and talks to them before Michael realizes that the guard is working with the cartel. The guard throws a grenade in the car and although Michael gets out in time, Bly's seatbelt wouldn't unbuckle and the car blew up, killing Bly and destroying the evidence in the process.

Current Status[]

Bly was killed when a drug cartel member disguised as a security guard threw a grenade into his car while he was spying on a cartel kingpin and Olivia Riley.


Jason Bly is arrogant and smug when it comes to Michael and his team. He does what he can to make life for them as miserable as possible in seasons 1 and 2. Jason is also reckless when it comes to dangerous situations such as during the hostage crisis. Even as Michael's "friend", he calls the police on him to cover both their tracks. Still, he shows that he has a sense of honor when he takes the blame for someone who's about to be shot and when he tries to save Michael and his team from Olivia Riley.


Michael Westen[]

"Friend" might have been a tad too generous, but I couldn't think of a word that summed up our relationship."
--Bly to Michael during his time as a fugitive.

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