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"Spend enough time in international hot spots, and you'll learn that a lot of the worst monsters on earth are just spoiled rich kids." - Michael Westen

Jean-Pierre Duman is the son of Duman, Sr.. The elder Duman was a regional governor in Haiti, and Jean-Pierre ran the region's local prison. Any persons who protested against the Dumans' rule were thrown in the jail and executed, often through the use of torture.

When an election ousted Duman, Sr., from office, the Dumans fled the country, with "most of the island's GNP" (gross national product). Jean-Pierre re-created himself as "Luc Renard", a playboy living in luxury at his family's house on Star Island.

Claude Laurent, the father of one of Jean-Pierre's victims, identified Duman from the photo of a Miami magazine, and hired Michael Westen to expose Jean-Pierre and bring him to justice. Jean-Pierre was eventually kidnapped and, with the help of Sam Axe, Fiona Glenanne, and F.B.I. Agents Lane and Harris, returned to Haiti to stand trial.

Before returning, Jean-Pierre provided a list of names of U.S. officials who had accepted bribes from Flintridge Industries, a multinational corporation that the Dumans had done a lot of business with.