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"Corporations need spies the same way governments do. Of course they're not called "spies," they're called "security consultants." They're basically mercenaries with nice suits." - Michael Westen

Lucy Chen is a security consultant based in Miami. She issues jobs to her investigators and sometimes will take on cases personally. She is portrayed by China Chow.


Early History[]

Lucy trained under and worked with Michael Westen prior to his burn notice issuance. No service records are known.

Prior to Michael's return, Lucy worked with Sam Axe whenever it was necessary. Otherwise, she kept her distance from him.

Recent activities[]

When Michael returned to Miami, one of the first places he visited was Lucy Chen's security company. Lucy warned Michael that when he was burned, his name turned up in every possible government list. In order to efficiently investigate further into his burn notice, Michael needed to find an alternate source of income. Lucy was reluctant at first, but after some groveling, she handed Michael his first investigation job and a first step towards his newfound career in Miami.

She also provided Michael with a new identity package so he can travel safely outside of Miami. In exchange, Michael agreed to help Evelyn find her son. During the course of the investigation however, it was revealed that Evelyn is actually a hired assassin and the people who hired Evelyn killed the boy's mother. Evelyn's real target was the boy's father. After Michael escaped his assassination attempt, Evelyn proceeded to target his friends and family, including Lucy by running her down on the street. Michael jumped in and saved her life in the nick of time. Sam and Fiona finally escort the father safely to the local authorities while Michael caught Evelyn trying to assassinate the man.

Shortly after Doug was delivered safely, Lucy met Michael outside of Carlito's and handed over his new identity package. She kissed him on the cheek and bid him farewell. She has not been seen since.