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Quentin King was a con artist who operated in Miami. He spends the nights hanging out at a Miami night club called Onyx. He is currently serving time for identity fraud.



Previously, Quentin had ripped off and assaulted numerous retirees in Miami as a prize official along with cohorts, Greg and Bonnie. One of these retirees was Laura, who told Madeline Westen about the incident. His cover identity is that of a regular water filter salesman. Quentin was propositioned by Peter Jordan to change from forging prize letters and scamming marks with prize announcements to marketing them with annuity programs. Peter's promising scams caused Quentin to get suspicious as he found signs of Greg and Bonnie trying to cut ties with him so they can go to work with Peter. It was only a matter of time until his car blew up that he went into hiding.

Eventually, Peter came to him with an offer to hire someone to assassinate Greg and Bonnie for $50,000 and a promise to go into business with him. Despite these promises, evidence was found by the police that implicated Quentin in the many scams he pulled on the Miami retirees, earning him federal imprisonment with the FBI.

Current Status[]

Quentin has been arrested in Miami and is serving federal time for organizing scams against Miami retirees.


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