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Ricky is an old friend of the Westen family. He worked for Sweet Valentine Enterprises as the Head Accountant.


Ricky has an older brother, Andre, who was serving 25 years to life in prison but was shot and killed some time after his release. 

Recent history[]

Ricky hired Michael for $10,000 to help him prove his innocence of an embezzling scheme taking place at Sweet Valentine Enterprises. Eddie Valentine gave him a week from the time he hired Michael to find the money leak or risk being killed himself. Ricky figured out that Eddie Ash was behind the embezzlement scheme, but did not have enough concrete proof to take it to Valentine. Michael succeeded in flushing out Eddie by posing as a real estate broker/money launderer and coercing Eddie to give up the details of his scheme. After the job was complete, Ricky offered the original $10,000, but Michael refused. Instead, Ricky paid Fiona just enough for her expenses and parted company with Michael. Later when his brother was murdered he helped Michael and his team act against the gang responsible.