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Roger Steele was a character in season 7 of Burn Notice. In his only appearance, he was portrayed by Sebastian Roché.


Roger Steele was an old friend of Michael Westen's. According to Sonya, Steele is a threat since he was looking into Michael and James Kendrick's Terrorist Network so he has to go. James had sent Sonya and Michael to the Canary Islands in order to kill him.


Michael and Sonya heads off for a meeting with Steele who gives him a jovial salutation in front of his grand mansion after about a dozen armed men gave an extremely thorough security screening at the front gate. Steele has his girlfriend take Sonya for a walk around the property and a servant brings Michael some yogurt. Steele seems to know some of the more recent developments in Michael's life. Michael tells Steele he needs a job and Steele says he can't do it. He offers Michael some money but Michael says he doesn't want a handout.

Sonya and Michael get a chance to talk by the pool and they realize there's no chance of getting to Steele in his place (all weapons are seized at the entrance). They make a plan to try to get him outside his fortress.

Michael meets with his CIA handler, Andrew Strong and tells him that Sonya brought him to the Canary Islands on a kill mission and that the target is Roger Steele. Strong didn't seem too worried and said that if he had CIA agents sweep up Steele, he might as well extract Michael from his mission too. Strong reminded Michael that when he gave him this assignment, he needed Michael to do whatever it takes to complete the mission and he said that this is what it takes.

Michael and Sonya meet up again and they watch Steele in one SUV and another SUV leave Steele's place. They try to coordinate an explosive to go off when Steele's SUV drives over it but Steele's team is using a signal jammer that stops Michael from detonating the device and also prevents him from radioing to Sonya, who is waiting to shoot any stragglers. Instead, Sonya winds up shooting at the SUVs with no result, and one of them stops to let out a bunch of guys with machine guns, who unload on her. She hides behind a tree trunk long enough for Michael to drive up, get her into his car and drive away.

Sonya and Michael go back to their hotel where she tries to call in an airstrike to finish the job. Michael didn't like that option and Sonya didn't like it either but reminded him that they don't get to fail. Michael told her to give him one hour and he can use a sniper rifle to only take him out instead of his entire security team. After Sonya gives him one hour, Michael calls Steele pretending to be in a panic and saying that a two-person hit team tried to attack him, making Steele believe it's the same team that attacked him. Steele says he'll get his team together and meet Michael, who tells him where he is and how to get there.

Michael and Sonya wait on a nearby rooftop for Steele's arrival. Michael prepares to take the shot and still feels like he's betraying a friend. Steele arrives at the location and Michael already has him in his sniper rifle scope. Michael answers and hesitates for a long while, with Sonya urging him to "take the shot." Michael tells Steele, "I'm sorry," just before pulling the trigger and shooting Steele squarely in the chest. Sonya pats Michael on the shoulder and he stays still, completely stone faced.