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The first season of Burn Notice originally aired from June 28, 2007 to September 20, 2007 consisting of 12 episodes.

Season Summary[]

The first season introduces the main protagonist, Michael Westen, a burned spy whilst on a covert op in Nigeria. After escaping, he finds himself in Miami being reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Fiona Glenanne and an old friend and ex-Navy SEAL, Sam Axe.

In Miami, Michael works as a freelance spy assisting people with cases involving arms dealers, con artists, drug traffiking and kidnapping.

Several episodes into the first season, Michael is constantly tailed by FBI agents, Lane and Harris who are sent to keep their eyes on Michael. Both Harris and Lane are later dismissed from the case and is soon replaced by Jason Bly, a CSS agent who makes Michael's life miserable and difficult.

By the end of the season Michael discovers the identity of the person who burned him, Phillip Cowan. They meet and he tells Michael that the situation is much bigger than he thinks, then is shot by a sniper. Soon after, a mysterious woman tells Michael that they should meet. Assuming that the mysterious woman (later identified as Carla) is apart of the organisation who burned him, Michael makes a journey to meet her. The season ends with Michael driving into a truck in the middle of a highway which would later take him to his "handler".




Episode List[]

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Matt Nix

Jace Alexander June 28, 2007
After having his 'burn notice' issued, Michael Westen finds himself stuck in Miami waking up next to his ex-girlfriend, Fiona and later gets in touch with an ex-Navy SEAL and old friend Sam Axe. Michael finds himself cut off from his contacts and his cash, so he agrees to help a man clear his name in a high-priced art theft. Michael later talks to his mother who is unaware of his career.
2 Identity Matt Nix Rod Hardy July 6, 2007
Michael plants a listening device in his mother's home in order to receive information about two mysterious men monitoring her home. In order to get his Madeline to agree with the situation, Michael helps his mother's elderly friend recover her money that she lost from a scammer.
3 Fight or Flight Matt Nix Colin Bucksey July 12, 2007
Michael's landlord, Oleg has a serious issue which needs attention and goes directly to Michael offering him four months of rent if he cleans up the issue. Meanwhile, Michael's own investigation moves forward as he learns of a spy who could help him trace his 'burn notice'.
4 Old Friends Matt Nix David Solomon July 19, 2007
Michael's brother, Nate, is back in town. Michael's friend Bill asks for his assistance in freeing his daughter from a prostitution ring. Elsewhere, an agent with a grudge comes after Michael and he needs to protect himself in dodging multiple assassination attempts.
BurnNotice 1x04.jpg
5 Family Business Matt Nix Sanford Bookstaver July 26, 2007
Michael infiltrates a family of gunrunners after they threaten an airport supervisor and his pregnant wife whilst Sam is pressured as the FBI want him to gather more information about Michael.
6 Unpaid Debts Matt Nix Paul Holahan August 2, 2007

Michael is hired to steal a boat from Jamaican gangsters however he discovers something surprising. Meanwhile, a CSS agent urges Michael to discontinue his investigation into his 'burn notice'.

7 Broken Rules Matt Nix Tim Matheson August 9, 2007
Michael poses as a thief in order to infiltrate a crime gang who have been terrorising a local merchant. Elsewhere, a desperate Michael blackmails an agent into giving him information about his 'burn notice'.
8 Wanted Man Matt Nix Ken Girotti August 16, 2007
Fiona helps out a man who has been framed for the theft of an expensive broach with Michael's help and he plots against the man who had him fired.
9 Hard Bargain Matt Nix John T. Kretchmer August 23, 2007
A house-sitter's fiancee has been kidnapped and is held for ransom and Michael is hired for the job. Meanwhile, a bureaucrat offers Michael information on how to clear his 'burn notice' however he is suspicious of the man's motives.
10 False Flag Matt Nix Paul Shapiro September 13, 2007
Michael becomes emotional in a case involving a woman trying to track down her son whom she accuses her husband has taken him. However, as Michael finds her husband, the game changes instantly. Elsewhere, Michael learns that the man (Phillip Cowan) behind his 'burn notice' is in Miami and intends to visit him.
11 Loose Ends, Part 1 Matt Nix Jeremiah S. Chechik September 20, 2007
Sam is held hostage by heroin smugglers who turns out to be a group of former Special Forces operatives. Michael must use his underworld connections to rescue Sam as he tries to dodge agents out to get him. At the end of the episode, Michael meets Cowan and learns something he doesn't expect.
12 Loose Ends, Part 2 Matt Nix Stephen Surjik September 20, 2007
Michael must rescue Sam from the heroin smugglers and must also protect his family since Cowan's bosses are now tracking him. During this episode, Michael gets multiple phone calls from a mysterious woman and says that they should meet.