Raymond Mosley aka Sugar is a former drug dealer that used to live under Michael's house (behind the nightclub). He was first seen in the pilot episode, when Michael's land lord complained to him about the unsafe nature of Sugar's business. After a day of work, Michael comes home to find two young buyers, waiting for Sugar. He scares them off, but only to the annoyance of Sugar, who pulls a gun on Michael. To convince Sugar to leave, Michael tacticly breaks in, and shoots him in the leg. While bleeding on the floor, Michael convinces Sugar to leave the nightclub. Some time later, he is called by Michael to help him set up a strategy against Olivia Riley. It is later revealed by Jason Bly that Riley "took him into custody and threw out the rule book." and that even Bly didn't know where she was keeping him. He sometimes calls Michael Westen "Mikey"

Episode Appearances[edit | edit source]

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