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Tom Card was the ex-CIA handler, trainer and mentor of Michael Westen. He is portrayed by John C. McGinley.


Card initially appears in the second episode of the sixth season (Mixed Messages) in which he needs Michael's assistance in disrupting a large drug cartel operating in Miami. In return, Tom somehow gets Michael granted rights to visit Fiona in prison, later he makes a deal with Fiona to release her from prison in exchange for her former arms dealer.

In the summer finale, Card sends Michael and his team to Panama to take down an assassin, Tyler Gray. However, when Gray reveals to Michael that Card was the one who had Gray kill Nate and Anson and that the mission in Panama was meant to be a suicide mission for Michael, Michael and his team leave with Gray. Tom now believes that Michael and his team have been neutralized. Unbeknownst to him Michael is still alive. Once Michael returns to Miami, he is tracked down and shot by Michael in the head. But only after killing Tyler Gray and admitting his own guilt.