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Vincent was an ex-mercenary who was employed by Mr. Pyne as the Head of Security. He is currently serving time in prison for the art theft at Mr. Pyne's estate.


Prior to his employment at the Pyne estate, Vincent served as an Army Ranger before washing out. Afterwards, he worked freelance as a mercenary in Iraq before moving to Miami.


Vincent was tasked to help Mr. Pyne set up a fake art robbery at his estate by moving the art pieces out of his house. Their hope was to pin the robbery on Javier, Pyne's caretaker. When Michael Westen uncovered evidence that proved otherwise, Pyne sent Vincent out to kidnap Javier's son, David. After failing to kidnap David, Vincent drove to Javier's house with Mr. Pyne accompanying him to confront Javier once and for all. They found Michael waiting for them instead. Vincent got into a fight with Michael before being accidently shot by Mr. Pyne, leaving him unable to fight.

Mr. Pyne was forced to make a deal with Michael, which included pinning the robbery on Vincent.

Current Status[]

Vincent is currently serving time in jail for the planned robbery at Mr. Pyne's home.


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