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SNL What Is Burn Notice?

What Is Burn Notice? was a Saturday Night Live skit that aired on February 6, 2010, a few months before the Season 4 premier.

Skit Cotent[]

The skit took the form of a game show title "What Is Burn Notice?" In the game, contestants were asked to tell the host anything they could about Burn Notice. Contestants were completely unable to answer anything about the show. Even the judges showed that they knew nothing and wouldn't know even if an answer was correct. The skit ended with one contestant finally correctly answering that the characters were in Miami, however, the host had no idea what happened now that a correct answer was finally given, suggesting that it might be time for a speed round.

During the skit, a USA advertisement for Burn Notice was shown to attempt to give contestants some kind of clue as to the premise, but it was not helpful to the contestants at all.

Incorrect Answers Given[]

The incorrect answers that the contestants gave during the skit included the following:

  • One contestant suggests the show is about a handsome fireman. She later suggests it is a reality show about sunglasses.
  • Another contestant believes the show to be about "a sexy doctor who can start fires with his mind."
  • One contestant simply says it is a show about characters but admits he is unable to be more specific.
  • A contestant says the show is kind of like "NCIS" but he is unable to be more specific.
  • One contestant asks if it is what they play on TVs at Best Buy to demonstrate the picture quality.
  • The judges show that they also do not know what the show is about when a contestant asks if the show is "about the detective team of Michael Burn and Chet Notice."


According to Burn Notice Fanatic when Burn Notice was renewed for a fifth and sixth season before Season 4 premiered, the skit was cited as a reason for the show's renewal for additional seasons. "USA Network’s president of original programming, Jeff Wachtel told Daily Variety “Once Saturday Night Live makes fun of you, how can you not commit to extra seasons?”"